Our Story

Glassco Recycling is a recycling business, not a waste business. What many people see as waste glass and waste cans, we see as resources. Our starting point has always been to maximise the efficiency of our processing systems allowing us to turn the glass and metal packaging we collect into consistently high-quality raw materials for the manufacturing industry. This allows us to play our part in ensuring that these materials make their way through a sustainable recycling loop to come back as new packaging. In doing so our recycling activities also assist in saving close to 54,000 tonnes of CO2 being released, as using recycled glass and metals to make new packaging uses considerably less energy than making packaging out of virgin materials.

We work closely with Repak and the majority of Ireland’s local authorities in the provision and servicing of bring banks right across the country, allowing members of the public to do their bit for the environment. This partnership approach has led to Ireland becoming one of the leading glass recyclers in Europe, where we now consistently rank in the top tier of glass recycling countries.

Glassco Recycling takes its corporate social obligations seriously and is an employer of people with special needs. Approximately 15% of the company’s 80 employees are people with special needs who play a full and active part in the company. We operate an inclusive workforce where the goal is for each staff member to work to their ability in a safe and rewarding work environment.



Safety is the first consideration in everything we do. If it can’t be done safely then it shouldn’t be done at all.


We work together to serve you better and our dedicated teams are the best in the land at what they do.


There’s no such thing as waste in our process, only opportunities to recycle more.