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Our Staff

Glassco Recycling prides itself on putting our staff at the centre of everything we do. We understand that we work best when we work together and when we support each other.

About Glassco Recycling

As a company employing people with special needs, we focus on peoples abilities, not their disabilities. Glassco Recycling operates as an integrated workforce where all employees enjoy the same benefits and opportunities for advancement. Staff participate in regular team meetings which enable communication, transfer of good practice and sharing of the most up-to-date legislation affecting our industry sector. The company operates an active engagement and feedback system to encourage all employees to contribute to the overall performance of everything we do as a company.

Glassco Recycling operates a workplace program which allows for all employees to avail of assistance on a number of levels through trained members of staff. Glassco Recycling also provides a private and confidential Employee Assistance Program which is open to all employees and members of their family to deal with issues of concern that naturally arise from time to time.